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Use of Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes and Automated Devices for Heart Failure Disease Management

iproc 2017;3(1):e24

HTML PDF 5680 0 1
Design of A Smartphone Application for Automated Wound Measurements for Home Care

iproc 2015;1(1):e16

HTML PDF 5447 0 3
Technology and Dynamic Pathways: How to Improve Nursing Care, Documentation, and Efficiency

iproc 2016;2(1):e31

HTML PDF 4147 0 1
Mobile Game–Based Digital Vaccine for Reducing Risk of Lifestyle Diseases

iproc 2018;4(2):e11790

HTML PDF 3450 0 1
Wearable Stress Sensors for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder With In Situ Alerts to Caregivers via a Mobile Phone

iproc 2016;2(1):e9

HTML PDF 3411 0 4
Patient Reported Value and Usability of a Digital Health Intervention for Asthma

iproc 2016;2(1):e36

HTML PDF 3297 0 1
Utilization, Reliability, and Validity of a Smartphone App for Chronic Pain Management: A Randomized Controlled Trial

iproc 2016;2(1):e20

HTML PDF 2940 0 3
Screening of Atrial Fibrillation Using Wrist Photoplethysmography from a Fitbit Tracker

iproc 2017;3(1):e17

HTML PDF 2895 0 4
Internet-Delivered Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in University Students: A Patient Preference Trial

iproc 2016;2(1):e5

HTML PDF 2879 0 1
Adapting A Unified Electronic Health Record Usability Framework for Evaluation of Connected Health Care Technologies Linking Mobile Data

iproc 2015;1(1):e20

HTML PDF 2726 0 1
Disruptive Innovation in Neurosurgical Outcomes Research: The Impact of Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Wearable Technology

iproc 2016;2(1):e10

HTML PDF 2709 0 1
Diabetes in Jordan: Prevalence, Trend, Awareness and Control

iproc 2018;4(1):e10565

HTML PDF 2668 0 1
Early User Centered Insights on Voice Integrated Technologies Through Retrospective Analysis

iproc 2017;3(1):e49

HTML PDF 2606 0 4
Exploring the Effects of Technology-Enabled Mindfulness and Meditation on Stress Management

iproc 2017;3(1):e23

HTML PDF 2414 0 0
Wearables, Gamified Group Challenges and Behavioral Incentives: A Preliminary Study of an Engagement Program to Increase Physical Activity

iproc 2015;1(1):e1

HTML PDF 2390 0 1
Connecting Healthcare Providers With Patients Through Mobile Technology: Formula for Shared Decision Making and Improved Patient Outcomes

iproc 2016;2(1):e3

HTML PDF 2265 0 2
Cost of Diabetes in Saudi Arabia

iproc 2018;4(1):e10566

HTML PDF 2082 0 3
A Protocol-Driven, Digital Conversational Agent at the Hospital Bedside to Support Nurse Teams and to Mitigate Delirium and Falls Risk

iproc 2018;4(2):e11883

HTML PDF 2076 0 1
Toward Expert Systems in Mental Health Assessment: A Computational Approach to the Face and Voice in Dyadic Patient-Doctor Interactions

iproc 2016;2(1):e44

HTML PDF 2040 0 5
Putting Young People at the Forefront of Their Mental Health Care Through Technology for Holistic Assessment and Routine Outcome Tracking

iproc 2016;2(1):e40

HTML PDF 2038 0 1
Developing a Patient-Centered mHealth App for Diabetes

iproc 2016;2(1):e11

HTML PDF 1804 0 0
Real-Time Tailoring of Depression Counseling by Conversational Agent

iproc 2016;2(1):e27

HTML PDF 1754 0 3
Digital Literacy: A Barrier to Adoption of Connected Health Technologies in Older Adults

iproc 2018;4(2):e11803

HTML PDF 1751 0 1
Automated Patient Navigation Platform Increases Referral Conversion for Surgical Consultations

iproc 2018;4(2):e11802

HTML PDF 1728 0 0
A Comprehensive Survey of Managed Care Organization (MCO) Medication Adherence Intervention Programs

iproc 2016;2(1):e28

HTML PDF 1718 0 0

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